Locally Advanced BCC


In a study of patients with laBCC previously treated with an HHI:

Long-term follow-up data for LIBTAYO1*

Response rates in patients with laBCC previously treated with an HHI, from Study 1620

The following data represent a 1-year follow-up in Study 1620. Follow-up is based on time from primary analysis.*

350 mg Q3W
Tumor response assessment by ICR
Median duration of follow-up, months (range) 15.9 (0.5-39.7)
ORR, % (95% CI) 32.1
CR, n (%) 6 (7.1)
PR, n (%) 21 (25.0)
TTR and observed DOR
Observed DOR at 6 months, n (%) 23 (85.2)
Median DOR in months (range) NR
Median TTR in months (range) 4.3 (2.1-21.4)
  • *Data cutoff May 2021.1
  • Data shown are for patients with response.1
  • Plus sign (+) denotes ongoing at last assessment.3
  • BCC=basal cell carcinoma; Cl=confidence interval; CR=complete response; HHl=hedgehog inhibitor; ICR=independent central review; laBCC=locally advanced BCC; ORR=overall response rate; NE=not evaluable; NR=not reached; PR=partial response; Q3W=every 3 weeks; TTR=time to response