Locally Advanced BCC

Patient Characteristics

Characteristics of patients with laBCC enrolled in Study 16201

  laBCC (n=84)
Median age,
years (range)
70 (42-89)
Male, % 67
White, % 68
ECOG performance status, %
0 61
1 39
Cancer-related surgery or radiotherapy
Patients with at least 1 prior surgery, % 83
Patients with prior radiotherapy, % 50

Reason for HHI discontinuation*

All patients were previously treated with HHIs (n=84)1


Disease progression/
lack of response2


Intolerance to
HHI therapy2

  • *Investigators were allowed to select more than one reason for discontinuation of prior HHI therapy for an individual patient.2
No PD-L1 or TMB testing is required before starting LIBTAYO for locally advanced BCC1,2
  • BCC=basal cell carcinoma; ECOG=Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group; HHI=hedgehog pathway inhibitor; laBCC=locally advanced basal cell carcinoma; PD-L1=programmed death ligand 1; TMB=tumor mutational burden.